Powerful speech looking forward to the future

 16 Nov 2017 - 10:44

Dr. Khalid Al-Shafi | Editor-in-Chief

As usual Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, addressed the local and international community in a clear, transparent and objective manner, as HH does in all of his speeches in particular since the siege has been imposed on Qatar.

The speech, which came at the opening of the 46th session of the Advisory Council, was comprehensive and powerful to reaffirm the Qatari position on the siege, and the nation’s determination to move on towards the intended aims of the future.

The speech indicated some offenses committed by the siege countries against Qatar undermining all established values, traditions, kinship and interests of the public and individuals. Not only that but they attempted to harm Qatari economy on wrong estimation, but all attempts ended in fiasco.

The Emir firmly stated that we are not afraid of the blockade because we are “thousand times better off without them”, but have to be cautious as their ill intentions against Qatar to affect its national unity are continued.

Measures are under way to enhance development and execute projects were also addressed in the speech, including establishment of logistic areas, many food security projects, water security and desalination plants projects which are under development.

The Emir disclosed that the government is preparing for election of Advisory Council and necessary legislation and decisions  will be finalised in 2018. HH also emphasised the importance of developing the judicial system, its independence and fast dispensation of justice. 

Qatar has adopted a policy of restraint and modernity in its response to the siege countries placing itself above altercation and low level discourse these countries have used against Qatar.

The Emir reiterated Qatar’s readiness for dialogue on the basis of mutual respect and obligations expressing his gratitude to HH the Emir of Kuwait and his keenness to the future of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

In his speech the Emir did not forget regional and global issues on top of them, the first Muslim’s issue —Palestine, as he always does.

The message of HH to the local society is that the State of Qatar is moving towards a brighter future and will not be hindered by this siege as it has set up for itself long term strategy of self reliance. He also emphasised that everything is well and every day the country is achieving major progress and the future looks better.

The speech highlighted the strength and unity of people and leadership, as unity is the basis for success, development and victory in all fields of global platforms. The solid unity of Tamim Al Majd and his loyal people is the fact that confused the siege countries and foiled their ill plans against Qatar and Sheikh Tamim.