Qatar’s global success

 20 Nov 2017 - 1:26

Dr. Khalid Al-Shafi | Editor-in-Chief

The siege imposed on the State of Qatar is no more a barrier for the consecutive success that the country has achieved at all levels of global platforms and institutions. Qatar’s successes are not limited to certain fields but they cover many different sectors with varying degrees and levels.
The quality leaps of Qatar under the siege shows that the State had drawn earlier its future development road-map which foiled the unjust siege imposed by brotherly countries with whom we share blood relations and membership in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).
Some of the successes include international excellence awards and certificates obtained by Qatar Airways and its CEO Akbar Al Baker, Hamad International Airport which has been selected among the fifth best airports in the world in addition to the appointment of representative of Qatar at the World Trade Organization to lead the Trade-Related Investment Measures (TRIMs) committee, along other success in the fields of sports and memberships in Asian and global institutions.
On top of these achievements come the state’s diplomatic efforts which were intensified to unveil the real agenda of the siege countries and their unrealistic justifications to imposition of the blockade, its impacts on all fields, and the position of the country regarding many regional and global issues.
Qatar’s diplomacy was effective, powerful and based on evidence making it gain respect and credibility at global platforms, in contrary to the siege countries which adopted strategy of fabrication and propaganda which caught no one’s attention except three to four countries which are dependent on the support of these countries.
The most important success of Qatar is that it has managed to achieve self-reliance, meet its basic needs, continue implementing its giant development projects. These successes were clearly summed by the Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani when he stated that “Every cloud has a silver lining”.
Despite the bitterness caused by the siege, the Qatari people have managed not only to overcome the impact of the siege but to meet their needs and become independent in their trade and economic choices.
The siege incident has also made Qataris stand firm behind their leadership for whom they have paid their loyalty and see no future for the country without him, complementing Tamim Al Majd who is on the march of the Father Emir, the founder of the modern State of Qatar.
Qatar will not be hindered by the unjust siege which violated all basic human rights, norms and common human values. Qatar today is not Qatar before the current Gulf crisis, as the country has reemerged as powerful state with efforts being carried out everywhere and in every field.
Let us make those spiteful and cruel countries lag behind and the least of our concerns should be looking forward, thinking how to maintain the excellence and success we have made.