Constructive dialogue is base of reconciliation

 23 Nov 2017 - 3:09

Dr. Khalid Al-Shafi | Editor-in-Chief

Constructive dialogue remains the base for reconciliation between the State of Qatar and the blockading countries. There is no change in Qatar’s stance since the hacking of Qatar News Agency website and the imposition of the unjust siege as Qatar always kept calling for dialogue and discussion on all differences on the table.
Unfortunately, the siege countries from the very first moment of the crisis used baseless allegations and propaganda and fabricated information against Qatar and its position in different previous Gulf summits and ministerial meetings reflecting their long-planned ill intentions.
I don’t want to remind about their regime change attempts made in 1996 or border issue because everyone is well aware of them and it will remain engraved on our memory.
Many officials from the blockading countries said they have been patient to Qatar for 20 years or more which means they were planning to target Qatar for decades.
Perhaps, Qatar’s global success and the position it has gained in the world may create jealousy and envy among these countries prompting them to launch systematic diplomatic and media campaigns to tarnish the image of Qatar and impose the siege to weaken its economy and force its leadership to give up its national sovereignty and accept their guardianship.
But the Qatari reactions were not taken into account; strong unity between people and leadership, absolute rejection of their measures and dictations, no compromise over sovereignty and rejection of fabricated allegations. The society was shocked with their measures being the closest brothers but now they have come to realize the imminent dangers coming from their side.
Qatar has reiterated its solid stance calling for objective dialogue for settling the dispute and finding solution that takes into account the interests of all the countries concerned. The position taken by Qatar increasingly gained ground and the country has become stronger with the regional and global support. On the other hand, the siege countries are losing their regional and global value and respect because of their arrogance and power games they have been playing to destabilize the region.
We are part of a world which respects proofs and evidence and there exists no place for allegations and claims which will only be believed by their architects. It is important to reiterate the position of Qatar, its leadership and the people, who have managed to redirect regional dynamics. States’ position and importance is not limited to their areas or size of population but rather to their achievements, successes and their regional and global role. Long live Qatar, leadership and people.