Siege has given birth to a stronger Qatar

 27 Jul 2017 - 2:22

Dr. Khalid Al-Shafi | Editor-in-Chief

Just when we were seeing some hope and the possibility of a solution to the Gulf crisis, we found the siege countries releasing a new list of individuals and entities they say are linked to terrorism.
In the new list, there are new individuals and organizations. Why these people and organizations were included in the list is because of their specific points of view and their disagreements with the political orientation of the siege countries.
Without doubt, these lists have become the only source for these blockading countries to 'prove' their baseless accusation against Qatar. In reality, these lists have no credibility and the international community did not accept the names mentioned in them as they did not match the sanctions lists supervised by the UN. The lists came when there are international calls to lift the unjust blockade. So issuing lists is just an effort to persuade their people and confuse them about the situation.
The contradictions of the siege countries have become very clear and don't need any comment. They started by attacking Qatar and now they are forced to defend their contradictions.
Qatar, due to the support of its people to their leader which has surprised the world, has become stronger and proved that these countries are lying and relying on fabrications which no one will believe.
All the countries in the world have supported Qatar and said that the blockade must be lifted, and this made these countries confused and forced them to retreat more and more from their allegations.
Since the beginning of the crisis, we are seeing Qatar's political stance as balanced and well-coordinated, showing full confidence and no fear or hesitation. It has an open policy on all fronts and welcomes any discussion if there is evidence while other countries contradict their own policies. Finally, Qatar didn’t impose a blockade on anyone and rather it was the victim of a blockade by supposedly brotherly countries. Qatar walks in steady steps towards its future and the future of its generations.
If we look at projects in Qatar, they are going on at a normal pace and have not been affected by the blockade. Everything is going as planned and is being implemented by Qataris and Qatar has benefited from the blockade and Qatar today is not the Qatar of yesterday and Qatar of tomorrow will not be the Qatar of today. There will be more prosperity and development for Qatar in days to come.