Qatar overcomes siege nearing three months

 28 Aug 2017 - 8:54

Dr. Khalid Al-Shafi | Editor-in-Chief

Days are passing while Qatar is becoming stronger and opening its doors to new regional and international markets. Perhaps diversification of sources and markets could be one of the major advantages of the current siege instead of dealing with a few specific countries and markets.

Siege countries are confused and hopelessly trying all dimensions to harm Qatar at whatever cost but all their efforts are failing and no one is paying attention to them except the so-called consultants who are trying to insult Qatar’s leadership and its people.

Siege countries are facing failure in the hottest issues of the region under severe criticism of international community and human rights organisations for targeting civilians in Yemen. In addition to the unplanned step taken by these countries to restore ties with Iraq and Iran which was not part of their bigger diplomatic plan but it is a malicious step reflecting bitterness of their siege failure.

The war in Yemen has become the hottest issue on UN platforms and the possibility is there to place these countries on blacklist. One of the consultant of these countries was threatening with punishment to anyone showing sympathy with Qatar forgetting the continuous insult and allegations his supporters are leveling against Qatar and its people undermining all traditions, values and social ties.

Under the current crisis, any neutral body can easily note the difference between the civilised and respectable way and positive responses Qatar is making and the provocations, media fabrications and insults the siege countries are following.

It is almost three months since the siege was imposed on Qatar while the country is enjoying prosperity, strong unity of the people and support to the leadership.

The major losers are those who imposed the siege and tried to tarnish the image of Qatar and its people.

The region cannot bear such type of craziness and the coming days may unveil more scandals committed by these countries against Qatar. Then there will be more chances for retreats or justifications as the whole issue is not respecting the feelings of the Gulf citizens who were dreaming for Gulf unity and instead got shocked with such level of fabrications and allegations made against a sisterly state.

Qatar has never been a dependent country on anyone except its strong belief  on its moral principles, and its people who are aware of what is going on. The leadership in Qatar never hid anything from the people and it is in close touch with the public and keep them informed of every development.

Qatar will keep moving forward regardless of any differences they have created at all levels from the top to the grassroots.

Long live free and dignified Qatar under its leader the Emir ‘Tamim Al Majd’.