Hyatt Plaza opens Hawiyati Cultural Village

 16 Dec 2015 - 1:50

Hyatt Plaza opens  Hawiyati Cultural Village
Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani (centre) with Feroz Moideen, General Manager of Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall, and other guests during the opening of Hawiyati Cultural Village,  yesterday. Abdul Basit

By Jinu Jacob
DOHA: Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall is hosting a cultural village called Hawiyati (My Identity), that introduces visitors to the traditional lifestyle and national heritage of Qatar. Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani inaugurated the village yesterday.
The event has an eclectic mix of activities that help visitors discover the heritage and learn about the Qatari culture through Hadar and Bedouin lifestyles. It features the traditional tent, clothing, cooking utensils, food and much more. It also includes the extinct old Qatari occupations like pearl trader, craftsman and sewing fish net.
A special arts and craft workshop was set up for kids to help them express their creativity and a play area where kids can enjoy.
“To portray the true essence of Qatar and promote its values is our ultimate objective. We want our visitors to learn about the local culture and old lifestyle. The Cultural village has so far attracted thousands of curious visitors who came to get a better understanding of Qatar’s history and lifestyles, and we strongly believe that events like this will strongly support Qatar’s vision of creating an educated society who are proud of their traditions and values, “ said Feroz Moideen, General Manager of Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall .
Besides this, various schools in Qatar showcased diverse cultural shows. The participating schools include Khalid Bin Ahmad Independent School, Royal International School, Birla Public School, Jordanian School, IBLA International School, Oscar Academy and Philippine International School.
The events are taking place at the outdoor area of the food court which will run until the National Day which falls on December 18 . The event is organized in partnership with Embrace Doha, Jungle Zone and Qatari Hosh Art Center. The entry to the festivities is free.
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