The country behind Qatar crisis

 06 Jul 2017 - 20:23

In the Arab peninsula, there is a crisis which is the result of weak political culture and politics without any certain strategies. Some countries, living by grants of Saudis, leaded by Saudi Arabia closed their borders and seized Qatar, the country with most rational politics in the region.

Qatar, whose direction is not the West but only Kaaba unlike other 22 Arab countries, and doesn’t spend their revenues just for their individual pleasures, hosts Muslim scholars and shares their wealth with Muslims that are oppressed in other countries. Now, this reliable country is blocked for all these humanitarian aids and left to die.

When looked at the charges against Qatar, it can be seen that no accusations have been harmful to embargoing countries. For example, what would be the damage to the blockading countries when Hamas is supported? Hamas is not fighting any Arab country. Punishing an organisation like Hamas, which fights for the salvation of Palestine and has won elections, on behalf of Israel may only be endorsed by Jews but never by Muslims.

Just yesterday Israel gave approval for 2500 new settlements. Yet, those believing that they can beat small Qatar state are silent about that. Unfortunately, when Hamas resists to Israeli occupation, both Hamas and Qatar are being targeted.

While Arab peoples are tending more to terrorism due to poverty and weak education, contributing 100 million USD to Ivanka Trump’s foundation for well being of American children and lefting Qatar to starve will have social consequences. Probably such a political prostitution will lead new uprisings in the Middle East. When that day comes, Arab politicians will find the guilt not in themselves but in their people like they did to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

After giving their sovereignty and wealth to Trump with their hands, turning Qataris and asking their freedom and welfare have no match neither in religion nor in brotherhood. As you can see, crushing Qatar also means loosing Turkey, a strong ally in Sunni alliance. In other words, anti- Qatar countries will break Sunni bloc on their own.

We hope Saudis will behave smarter and not become more aggressive. Because if they stick to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and insist on their stubbornness, and if finally they fail, they will lose their influence in the region.

It should not be forgotten that the actual perpetrator of the current, previous and possibly subsequent crises is UAE. UAE, which is the country that should actually be estranged, is like anti-Qatari herd’s goat. It is this country that bribes British and American journalists to write reports that Qatar is supporting terrorism. It also fuels civil wars in Palestine, Libya and Egypt. As for Turkey, they fiscally supported Fetullahist Terrorist Organization ( FETO) fiscally during July 15 failed coup. Qatar also revealed that UAE met some the PKK executies, too. So, UAE is directly supporting terrorist groups that fight Turkey.

While UAE, which has more Iranian immigrants than its own population, is blocking Qatar for its relations with Iran, its airlines continue to organise flights to Tehran. In addition, they have very profitable trade relations with Iran and they don’t seem to do what they want from Qatar.

UAE has such a fragile political and economic structure that if Iran asks its citizens living in this country to revolt, there will be no such thing as state. UAE, which uses terror as a weapon, may lose its economic power when terror turns and hits itself. For example, when a terrorist blasts a bomb in Dubai for revenge, we hope not, its trade and tourism will be terribly affected. When terrorism visits UAE, they will cry but it will be too late. As a Turkish proverb says “ if you have a glass made house, do not throw stones to houses of others.”

It is a correct decision for Turkey to be sentitive to political balances among Gulf countries and back Qatar at the same time. Turkey should not be illusioned by those saying “Let’s not take sides, they may be in peace tomorrow again but we will be left new enemies”.

Turkey is helping Qatar not for the gain of tomorrow but for the debt of yesterday. A country that has already been tested for friendship cannot be left alone. It is in Turkey’s own interest if it becomes even more active in the Middle East. When countries like UAE intervenes in Turkey’s politics at every opportunity, it will be inadequate to just blame them and keep silent. Some counter actions must be taken against that country. Someone should teach these sassy countries that the source of strength is not skyscrapers but Allah, Almighty.

Thw writer is a a columnist at Yeni Akit daily newspaper based in Istanbul.