Missing Syrian children reminiscent of Germany’s ‘past experience’1

 19 Sep 2016 - 14:33


By Martin Lejeune

The number of missing refugee children aged between 14 and 17 has reportedly doubled since the start of this year, as many of them are believed to be subjected to mistreatment and abuse.

The sympathies of the German people are reportedly unparalleled as they take the lead in the enormous task of accommodating refugees from war-torn countries. 
However, beside this “good” side is a “dark” side of Germany, and this dark Germany is and will always be racist.
I empathise with those who do not trust German people in Germany and as a result want to leave the country. Since the news, in which German authorities supported the NSU (the National Socialist Underground), the party responsible for the murder of eight Muslims, I also have been sitting on my packed bags. 
It is questionable whether the Germans have learned from their past. I totally understand the concerns of those people who fear for Muslims in Germany and are worried that something bad may happen to them.
This is an urgent cry and appeal for help to the German authorities to investigate the disappearance of 9,000 Muslim children as confirmed by the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKM) and take serious actions in order to preserve the integrity of the system.
How could 9,000 Muslim children disappear just like that even though they were listed and registered with respective government agencies and housed in approved quarters under the protection of the government? 
However, it does pose a big question mark regarding German thoroughness and its efficient bureaucratic organisation. The frustration of the people is growing as they seek answers from the government.
The fate of the missing children is unclear, but it is possible to think of various scenarios including the scary possibility of recruitment by Daesh (also known as ISIS or ISIL).
Above all, the German authorities are responsible for the safety of these children who were welcomed with hopes of a better, secure future. If these authorities do not fulfil their responsibilities by conducting a comprehensive inquest into the matter and taking strict action, and by not simply trying to console the public by disclosing the results of the inquest, the world will once again look down on Germans for hate crimes against — not Jews this time — but Muslims.
The government, the media and everyone else with power is proficient in misleading the masses, as they did in the NSU case, when they said that those murdered were the victims of gang or mafia fights. Has everyone forgotten already? 
Just like in the NSU cases, another lawsuit and investigation will be a serious blow to Germany’s reputation although it is quite likely to unveil the cover-up of a crisis much larger in scope, involving incompetent or maleficent officials, and to reveal that it was not some mafia that was responsible for the disappearance of these children.
Our children, who are our future, need to be protected. Every child, dead or missing, is one too many! The authorities should discharge their duties appropriately and our government should be fully transparent as to how it is tackling the issue. 
The police should investigate and solve this case to shed light on what happened, and most importantly, to make Germany safe again.
One must not forget about the NSU murders and the role of German authorities in that case. If some 9,000 Muslim children can disappear in just a few months in a country like Germany, then one must worry and be attentive! 
For today if it is just the refugees, tomorrow it may well be other Muslim children who have called Germany home for decades.
This alarming situation of abducting 9,000 children in a matter of a few months is a real threat and should be seen as a warning. I do not know what happened to these children, whether they have been sold into sex trafficking or the illegal organ trade. 
But one thing I do know is, Germany does have a lot of “experience” with systematically murdering millions of Jews. That’s why there are speculative whispers in some circles that Germany has not learnt from its past and that today this gruesome history could very well be repeated, but this time with Muslims instead of Jews. 
Remember, just a few years ago, eight Muslims were murdered by Nazis, who were supported by authorities.
It is not possible for some 9,000 Muslim children to simply vanish into thin air, while Germany, allegedly a very safe country, has 17 intelligence agencies, 17 criminal investigation departments, 17 state security agencies and many more regulatory agencies (not only German, but also US agencies), without some of these being aware of what is going on. So please do not tell me, that 9,000 Muslim children can disappear just like that, and none of these agencies know, what happened?
This is also a call for the roughly 4 million Muslims living in Germany to be careful in these “German times”.